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What Our Clients Are Saying

Great service. When things got tough, Chris kept a game face and got this deal done. All and all an easy hassle free experience.
– Joel Brusk

Chris was phenomenal during the entire process! As someone who has worked in the industry for 15+ years, I come to expect great service and fast answers. Chris did not disappoint! I appreciate the updates and fast turn around. If you are looking for someone who will work for you, he is your guy!
– Sara Rhodes

Chris was extremely helpful in the entire process of getting our new home financed. It was a VA loan, and despite all the hoops VA makes you jump through, he promptly notified me of any information requests, and made it happen as fast as I’ve ever gotten through the process. (My third VA loan) Got to the closing, and while I’ve previously had to hand jam corrections on forms, and there wasn’t anything major needing changed, just a wrong letter in my husband’s name on a form that was filled in by the title company, not the mortgage people.

My husband knows Chris personally since high school, he was the first person he suggested working with (I’m from Chicago and don’t know any local lenders) and I was very glad we decided to go with Chris. He gave us A+ treatment, got us a great rate on the mortgage, and as others have said, he answered the most random questions at any time very quickly. Highly recommend working with Chris to anyone.
– Natalie Waybrant

Chris has really made this process simple for me as a first time buyer. Not to mention he has managed to save me a lot throughout everything.
– Zack Boyette

We have been working with Chris for a few weeks on financing our new home and I can tell you from my own experience that Chris can make your closing happen faster than anyone I’ve known. If you want someone who will give you personal attention and even come to your house to work with you, Chris is your guy.

He is available pretty much anytime you need him by phone or text and is always willing to answer questions when you ask them, and responds extremely fast when they do come up. I would would recommend him to my own friends.

Need a mortgage? Chris can get it done for you!
– Todd Strait

Chris was awesome to work with, very easy to talk to, and answered every question we had! He stayed in constant contact so that my husband and I knew everything that was happening. 100% recommend him! In a few shorts weeks it’ll be a year since we’ve been in our home! Thanks again for everything! 😊🏡
– Brittney Guimond

Chris makes what seemed impossible possible. He made what seemed like a dream in the future of buying a home come true. I love that he comes to your house when he needs paperwork and you don’t have to go to the office. It is very convenient in today’s busy world. He is one guy that will work hard to make your dream of home ownership come true. Chris makes the process easy. I never thought 6 months ago that we would be able to buy a house. I trust Chris and would highly recommend him for your future home financing needs!
– Shalamar Empie

My refi was finished a week ago. Chris was very professional from day one. He was in constant communication and answered my questions even outside “business hours”. I would highly recommend him to anyone in the market.
– Angela Dykema

We are very pleased with the work that Chris put in to make our home buying process seamless and successful! I personally felt clueless at times and he answered all of our questions quickly and there were a lot of them. We also appreciated his timely responses to our phone calls, emails and texts. He explained the process to us, in layman’s terms, every step of the way. My husband and I would highly recommend Chris as a loan officer, he does not disappoint! Thanks, Chris!
– Tori Wanhatalo Hess

great guy and very intelligent, Chris definitely knows what he is doing and does it extremely well. Since our first conversation on the phone I felt I made the best call I could of, I never would of thought buying my first house would be so easy and I thank you for that. I will be recommending you to everyone that I hear is interested in buying a house. much thanks.
– Kirt Gaylord

Working with Chris was a voyage to say the least. My life was far from perfect but he made it work… Technically I made him work. To be honest I don’t know who was more relieved the process was over. He knows his stuff. Thanks to him I have a lot more cash in my pocket then anticipated, a beautiful home at a great rate. I’m Definately not the easiest person to work with, but Chris had no problems coming back into work at 8pm on a Friday night to go over a few things with me, and make sure my family was good. This is an over due thank you Chris, your a good man and if I find any body looking please believe in sending them your way.. We love our house, and we love Chris for getting us there. Thank you
– Robert Suchomski

Chris was so helpful! First time buying a house, so I had no clue what I was doing and a million questions. I was so impressed of how quickly he would respond and always had the answer.
– Kate Beth Seaver

My first true experience with chris started with me calling to leave him a message on Labor Day to tell him we had found a house and needed to get moving on it. We needed to move in about a month. Chris answered the phone! I couldn’t believe that a mortgage broker would actually work on a holiday. Not only did he answer the phone but he worked on our mortgage until the application was ready to sign. I knew closing in 30 days was a long shot. But Chris met every obstacle with calm professionalism. He just rolled up his sleeves and said “I’ll handle it.” And he did exactly that. He handled it. Everything. Chris was a joy to work with and answered every phone call, every text, every question. He was an amazing resource to have access to. We will use his services again and recommend him to everyone that will listen! Thank you Chris!!!!!
– Eileendana Rench

We worked with Dave Galloway at Heartland for almost a year during our home shopping adventure. Dave was nothing short of amazing through the entire process. He always responded to my questions and concerns, no matter how trivial. Dave was always professional as well as personable, I can’t thank him enough for all he did for us.
If you are thinking about a mortgage, I highly recommend Dave! He was AMAZING. Thank you so much Dave! You ROCK.
– J Hamman

The refinance process was very fast and easy. They offered a great rate and reasonable closing costs. We were able to do the closing from our home which was nice. I highly recommend Dave G
– Keith Jacobsen

Brett V. is just fabulous. If you’re ready to buy a house, then Brett can help you! Call him, don’t bother waiting to try a different lender.

He is a great wealth of knowledge when it comes to purchasing a home. Brett is beyond helpful to buyers and he really does his best to move things along as quickly as possible. We loved our experience with Brett – even after buying several houses with other companies – Brett was our first pleasant experience. You will not regret working with Brett.

I really appreciated working with Brett, for many reasons, but especially because he treated us so well. We’ve had many home buying moments and this, by far, was the best one. Thank You Brett!
– Erica Robinson

As a first time home buyer, I needed someone to walk me through the process step by step. Alex Olhrich was AMAZING! He worked directly with my realtor to make sure everything was in order. From initial offer to closing…Alex was the best! Heartland is lucky to have him.
– Rebeca Barrios

My first house first mortgage. He answered all of my questions quickly even during off hours(10 at night on new years). Before I was ready to buy a house he helped me see what I would need to be able to do to be able to buy one. He helped me secure a VA loan and even told me what I needed to know when dealing with my realtor.
– Daniel Martin

Chris is the best mortgage brokers in the state of Michigan. Him and his staff can help you smoothly through your home loan process. Also, talk to them about refinancing options and how you can save financially.
– Michael Riker

This is the second experience I have had with Mike from Heartland Home Mortgage. The process was quick, efficient, and complete. I was able to do everything right from my office so my day was not inconvenienced at all. I would definitely work with Mike again!
– Betsy Rees

Kristina guaranteed that she would get us the best rate and she delivered! She was always very helpful and made the financial side of buying our first house a breeze. We are new to the state and she made us feel welcome as she’s very kindhearted. We’d recommend Kristina and Heartland to anyone buying a home!
– Kelly James

I met Alex in November 2018. I was within 2 1/2 weeks of closing on my Michigan home. I was so frustrated with switch and bait lenders, so I went looking for a Grand Rapids lender, believing this would be the best way to go. My realtor about went nuts; doubting Alex could make it happen.
HE DID MAKE IT HAPPEN in time. Alex even came to the closing.
Alex is a step above all lenders I have dealt with in MI. He covered all the basis, worked for ME and my best rates and mortgage.

We stayed in touch and when rates dropped he called to ask could he see if it would help me. Ah, yes. At first rates were lower for larger loans than I needed. Then 3 weeks ago I was out of town and he said I can lower your payment considerably. He listed what little was needed to update my up to date info. I sent it. I now have a new loan at a considerable savings and I am so grateful for Alex’s CANDO GETITDONE pro borrower attitude.

He is truly an answer to you prayers for the onerous tasks of moving, burrowing and having someone who invests his skills for the borrower.

I highly recommend Alex. Honest and spot on about needs and qualifications. He meets the buyers needs effortlessly, simply and complete

– Susanne M Toeller

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jeff Seeback over the last year. Jeff helped us with our home loan and recent refinance. Jeff was fantastic throughout the whole process and is someone I’ll not only recommend to others but come back to for future business. You won’t find a better a loan officer who has your interests at heart.
– Alex Abbott

Very professional and well-informed. Refinanced with Dave at Heartland, because their rates were great and he streamlined the whole process for us. Saved almost $45,000 during the life of the loan.
– Paul Derks

Alex took care of me and I was incredibly impressed. He was extremely patient and explained everything to me. I would highly recommend Heartland (especially Alex)!
– Emily Atchison

David was a great mortgage adviser to work with. He not only helped me get a loan I thought wasn’t even possible to get but he stuck through me through all the questions, troubles, or issues that arose. He was very professional and accessible when needed and worked hard to make sure my family and I got the right house that we needed.
– Tara Congdon

I worked with Mike Izenbaard when I recently refinanced. He made the process quick and painless. I would definitely recommend their services.
– Matthew Johnson

I cannot say enough good things about Brett VanHeulen! I was very lost and in fear of having to sell my family home when I came to Brett. He helped me in every way possible so that I was able to keep my house and refinance it. He treated me like family and was amazing to work with. Would HIGHLY RECOMMEND! 😊
– Briana Nickels

9 days from initial conversation to close on our refi, incredible!! We worked with Mike Izenbaard and he was informative, professional, and a great communicator. I highly recommend!
– Brett Wustman

9 days from initial conversation to close on our refi, incredible!! We worked with Mike Izenbaard and he was informative, professional, and a great communicator. I highly recommend!
– Brett Wustman

Brian was wonderful to work with! It took us 3 months to find the perfect home (even though we made multiple offers throughout that time). Brian was very efficient and fast when it came to getting documents to me/our realtor. We even switched loan types in order to get the home we ultimately purchased and he was very on top of everything involved with making that change. He went above and beyond, even getting things for us after hours. He explained things very thoroughly and answered all of the millions of questions I had. My husband and I couldn’t have picked a better person to work with and would recommend him to anyone who is trying to purchase a home!
– Staci Blalock

We worked with Alex Ohlrich and our experience was fantastic. He was patient and answered all of our questions (we had a lot as we were first time home buyers!). He worked hard for us and was able to get us in a VA loan with $0 down at closing – everything went extremely smooth! I would recommend Alex to anyone looking to buy a home!
– Emili Jones

Brian made the refinance process beyond easy. He was able to quickly get back to my wife and myself with any of our questions. I wouldn’t hesitate to go with him again in the future.
– Chris Durso

Brian at Heartland Home Mortgage is the best! Helped my girlfriend and I get approved and took us through the entire home buying process, answering every question we had! He even followed up with us 6 months later and helped us re-fiance for big savings!
– Zachary Weber

Brian Alicki helped me n my family get into our first house,,, he guided us through the process step by step made it so easy I was thankful for meeting him ,,very positive n professional person he answered every email n every little text as if he truly cared I understand every thing,,, thanks again Brian my kids r so happy here
– brandon hall

Brian Alicki went above and beyond when it came to both advising and putting the work in to get my home closed. He worked tirelessly, late into the evening, just to accommodate our very tight schedule. Beyond that, when our realtor failed to adequately represent us in negotiations with the seller at the end, Brian worked to assist and wrap up the closing. Overall, he was successful in getting us closed and getting our seller to accommodate our needs. As a first time home buyer and a ‘noob’ to the process, there isn’t anyone that could have helped me through the process better than Brian. I highly recommend Heartland Home Mortgage and Brian as the go to team in West Michigan for all mortgage needs! Thanks Heartland!
– Eric Calderone

I recently was forced to refi due to a divorce. I worked with Brian Alicki at Heartland and he was very quick to answer questions, got me exactly what I needed, was fast and very kind. I am thankful that I went with Heartland.
– Holly Opsommer

Brett VanHeulen was amazing from start to finish. I was told by two major finance corporations to come back in two years. I shared this with my tax person and she referred me to Brett. Three months later I was a home owner.
– Dr Pierogi

Alex Ohlrich was really great to work with. He was prompt and had us close in record time. No problems whatsoever. I highly recommend Alex (and have to my closest friends)!
– A

It was extremely great working with Alex Ohlrich on my new home mortgage! He answered all my questions immediately and was able to get me locked into a great, competitive rate! I would absolutely recommend using Alex and heartland home mortgage to anyone looking to purchase a new home!
– Troy Oconnor

Dave Galloway made buying my first home painless and stress free. My coworker reccomended him and I’m glad I went with it. He went through all the paperwork in a way that I understood it and any questions I had were answered in a way I could understand. He was quick to respond to email, text, and phone call. He worked hard to ensure I was approved and with the best rate possible.
– Misty Weiner

Chris Weih and Jeffrey Seeback helped me finance a home. Chris was always available to answer questions by text, email, and telephone. Both men were very positive and encouraging. When I began this process, I was looking at apartments. I did not believe that I would qualify to buy a home on my own. They worked through a few challenges and provided me with smooth home buying experience. Thank you both for your help!
– Rachel Hicks

We are so happy we went with Heartland Home Mortgage. Although we had a hard battle with my husband being self employed for only a year, Alex Ohlrich worked so hard for us and we got the loan closed! We are looking forward to Our New Home, THANK YOU ALEX!!!
– Michelle Cross

Great help to work with David
– Gary Mac

Alex Ohlrich with Heartland home mortgage is very professional and in tune with the mortgage market he saved me a lot money at the end of the month. Alex made the whole process super easy and quick. The appraisal was a quick walkthrough and Inexpensive. Alex and Harland home mortgage has a customer for life. Thank you.
– Mark Stastny

Tina Fischer was our Loan Consultant and did an awesome job of guiding us through our refinance process. Not only was she knowledgeable and professional, her communication skills and abilities are off-the-charts great. Anytime we had a question or concern, she was quick to get back to us and resolve whatever issue we had. We would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone we know in need of a mortgage or refinance!!!

Brad and Laurie Gordon
– Brad Gordon

Brett VerHeulen is the one to connect with at Heartland Home Mortgage! I can’t say enough as to how he helped me from start to finish purchase a new home. Kind, honest, real and fast! If there were 6 stars he would have another one highlighted! Thanks Brett!

Brad and Laurie Gordon
– Denise Heyboer

Dave Galloway and the team at Heartland mortgage are amazing. We had a very difficult situation as far as getting our mortgage but Dave worked so hard to make it happen. I honestly could not put it in words how thankful we are for Dave and his team
– Andrew Murray

I purchased my house a year ago, Alex got a hold of me and lowered my interest, lowered my payment and my mortgage insurance and made it so I would only have mortgage insurance for 5 years instead of 10 years. He was very responsive, polite, helpful, and got the job done in record time!
– Aimé Merizon

Very easy to deal with. Made the process very clear. Will recommend to everyone!
– matthew owen

Dave Galloway and the folks at Heartland Mortgage are amazing to work with. All my questions were answered in a timely manner. Should I need mortgage services in the future, Dave and the folks at Heartland are going to get my call.
– Jas S

Mike Izenbaard was very helpful! Often reached out to make sure we knew where we were at in the process of buying a house and asked if we had any questions. Was quick to respond in a way that helped us to understand; promised to follow up in 6 months to make sure we’re still in the best possible place with our mortgage.
– Josh Karhan

Alex was great!! He helped me with my Rural Development purchase. We got money back when it was all said and done. He kept in contact with me and let me know what was going on the whole time. He even helped me draft up a lot of my paperwork to make it easy for me. He was nice to work with.
– Drew Hammock

Brett VanHeulen was wonderful to work with. He went above and beyond to get my refinance done. Definitely recommend Brett & his team!
– Kelley Herrick

Dave was awesome, for us buying a house was very challenging as we are not from the US and just move here with no US credit history at all. He worked every angle possible and got us an approval. I would 100% recommend him.
– Esteban

Amazing experience with Alex and Heartland mortgage co. My mortgage was ready to close in 13 days! 13! Absolutely unheard of in the industry. My realtor had never seen a mortgage ready to close in such a short time in his 15 years of experience. Alex was easy to work with, filed everything electronically and was thorough. I highly recommend Alex and Heartland mortgage.
– Jennifer L

Joseph Collins was great. He always answered all of our questions and was super patient with us. Gave us all the scenarios and truly cared about what we were doing and what option was best for us.
– Nikki Zvonar

Buying a home is a very stressful process, but Tina Fischer from Heartland helped me every step of the way. She is reliable, friendly, helpful and very caring for her clients. When I thought buying a home would be impossible, Tina found the in’s to make it happen. I highly recommend anyone buying a house to talk to Tina from Heartland, she is so AWESOME! Thank you for all that you do Tina!
– Erin Richards

Brett is one of the greatest guys around. He’s very knowledgeable, caring and patient. I started this process almost two years ago and my credit just still wasn’t where it needed to be. Brett didn’t give up on me, he told me what I needed to do to help me and to move forward. After that he still kept in contact he would call every so often just to check on me. He has one of the biggest Hearts and it was a pleasure working with him through this tough process of purchasing my home. If you are in need of a Loan Officer I highly recommend Brett Vanheulen.
– Danielle Kellogg

I’ve worked with Joe twice to refinance my condo. He always found the best option for me. He looked out for my best interest, always explained everything in detail and was very patient when I had questions. The first refinance, I was on a business trip and he arranged for the closing to be at the hotel I was staying in after my meetings. He is personable, friendly, and very professional. I highly recommend Joe if you are looking for a professional with personality.
– LP Korte

Alex Ohlrich did an amazing job!! I can’t put into words how much he did for my fiancé and I and helping us with the purchase of our home. He is the only person I will ever let handle another loan from us again!
– Mikaela Hubbard

My fiance and I just closed on a house yesterday. Through the whole experience we had the opportunity to work with Dave Galloway from Heartland Home Mortgage LLC. Dave was very knowledgeable and able give you all of the options you had in selecting a mortgage. He would not push you to go one way that would best for him and the company but let you make your own decision. He was quick at responding to emails and phone calls which helped relieve some stress and unknowns because you had answers with in the day most of the time a couple hours. I would highly recommend Dave and Heartland Home Mortgage.
– Josh Rode

Alex and his associates at Heartland Mortgage were professional, caring , compassionate, patient and absolutely up front about everything that was involved in securing our re-finance.He worked with us closely during the entire process and I would recommend Alex and his associates to anyone looking for a smooth, hassle-free experience with obtaining a mortgage. I chose him after speaking at length with several other organizations and agents. Thanks Alex.
– Lawrence Zolcienski

My wife and I closed on a house yesterday and we cannot express enough gratitude towards Brett! He was extremely accommodating throughout the whole process, and took the time to build a personal relationship with us. Brett was great at communicating the complexities of this process, in an easily understandable manner. Whenever we had a question, Brett would respond in a matter of minutes! His honest and trustworthy approach will make us repeat customers in the future.
Thanks for a tremendous experience!
– Samuel Soukup

Dave Galloway was good to work with and travelled from Grand Rapids to Lansing to meet with me. Liked the personal touch. We had all the paperwork done in about 2 1/2 weeks.
– Mike Cox

We just refinanced we had been putting it off due to not wanting the fuss of it. Brett VanHeulen made the process easy, walked us thru every step, we always knew what to expect and when. Our refinance went thru without a hitch & very quick. We couldn’t be happier and would recommend working with him! He is awesome! Even called us when he was on a vacation! Thank you Brett!!!
– Shannon Morse

Great guy to work with knowledge great and good skill definitely knows his work and do a great job
– Sonny Flores

Brett at heartland was a pleasure to work. He answered all our questions and even covered things we were unaware of.

Unlike other people I have worked with before, Brett has your best interest in mind. He will do everything in his power to get you the best rate possible and get you into a mortgage that makes sense for you. He isn’t just trying to make a sale for his benefit.

Brett was an absolutely tremendous to have as an asset throughout the home buying process. He has been in the business 10 years, so the knowledge he had was what made my home buying experience extraordinary. Whether it is a consult for more info, or you are making a move, Brett is your guy!
– Justin Blevins

Mike is amazing so helpful and walks you through the entire process. He is caring and would highly recommend everyone to utilize his services. We have had two homes with him and he is such a great wealth of knowledge! 🙂 return clients for life.
– Ali Getty

Brett is excellent to work with – he helped my husband and I close on our first home on July 14, 2017. He was very personable, thorough in his explanations of the home buying process, and always quick to respond to emails and phone calls. I will always recommend Brett to anyone I know buying a house. Thanks, Brett!
– Tina Kellenberger

Awesome communication. Great Person! This is the 3rd home I have purchased and this was the quickest, best experience because of Brett!
– Rob Howard

Alex helped us set up our land contract to stayed all the way through helping us build credit to finally get our dream house! He was there every step of the way and always available!
– Danielle Vansingel

I want to use a quote from Brett Verheulen: “My goal isn’t to just meet your needs, but to exceed your expectations!” He met his goal a 100%!
– Roberta Lear

We highly recommend Mike Izenbaard with Heartland Home Mortgage. In a world of “big box” lenders who only want to accept you if you fit into their formulas finding Heartland Home Mortgage was a breath of fresh air. Ours was not a typical loan application and we searched for months to find a lender who would even take us as a client. Mike treated us like family and guided us through the maze of the lending process. Mike was very reassuring. He answered all our questions and provided valuable insights into the process of getting approved for a home mortgage that worked to meet our needs.
– Anne Baker

I just competed a refinance to lock in my interest rate and from beginning to end Heartland Home Mortgage was a pleasure to work with! Prompt service from answering e-mails to phone calls. Willing to go the extra mile to make my loan work for me! I highly recommend Heartland Mortgage for any of your finance needs!
– Carol Throne

Shannon Del Raso was AWESOME to work with!!! I dont live in Grand Rapids and she drove about an hour to sit with me and explain things. I did the pre-approval process and finally found a house, and the process went fairly quickly! Shannon kept me abreast of the status thru email, text messages, and despite me getting ancy she would respond right back with answers!!! She put my mind at ease!!! I would highly recommend working with Heartland and Shannon!!! Thank you so much Shannon
– Darlinda Brown

Brett VanHeulen at Heartland Home Mortgage helped me secure a loan on an investment property. He was great to work with, and made the mortgage process easy. Communication was fast, and he was always able to answer all of my questions. I’m 100% happy with my mortgage and Heartland’s service. I would use them again and recommend them to anyone shopping for a mortgage.
– Jeremy Scherer

Dave went above and beyond to help us get our home refinanced.
– Kate Hager

Brent Gist at Heartland made my home buying experience, streamline as possible! Being a first time home buyer can be a very scary feeling, but Brent and his team made it easy and gave me the confidence to finally live the American Dream!
– George K

We loved the hands on service we received from Brett and appreciated the in-person talks. It was wonderful to not have to worry about this aspect of buying our home.
– Kyle and Mel Ten Broeke

I was blown away by Brett VanHeulen at Heartland Home Mortgage! My experience was one of ease. He took all the guessing out of financing our home! Thank you Brett!!! You have my business for life…
– Bonnie Geurink

Alex Ohlrich worked with us a year ago to help us refinance our home and our finances were not quite where they were supposed to be at. So Alex told us what we needed to do and he worked very hard to get us in a position to refinance our home the following year and it worked out GREAT! Thank you Alex and Heartland Home Mortgage for making our refi work.
– Vince Malenfant

I Recently closed with Heartland, my loan closed in 30 days and they made it a lot easier than when I used my bank. I will use them again next time I refinance.
– Bruce Vandenburg

Great people. Work hard for your business.

Personal, professional, quick and easy to work with.
– Aaron Buer

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