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Construction and Renovation...


We offer renovation lending! Purchasing a fixer upper? We can help you with that!

Renovation lending consists of providing financing for the purchase or refinancing of an existing residential structure along with funds for renovation, rehabilitation, repairs, remodeling or energy improvements to the residence to meet the needs of the borrower or to bring the home up to minimum property standards. This is accomplished with a single closing transaction prior to the start of renovation work and involves a single set of fees and closing costs.

Don’t worry about finding the perfect house when you can make a house perfect for you! We now offer construction loans! Reach out to see if you qualify! A one-close construction loan combines the construction financing into the same loan as the permanent mortgage financing. There is a single closing transaction before construction begins. Once construction is complete, the loan will convert to the permanent phase and the borrower will begin making a traditional principal and interest payment to include an escrow account for payment of taxes and insurance, if required.

We also offer Construction to Perm loans that allows you to use land you currently own as a down payment on the construction of the home of your dreams on that property.

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